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The Colorado Beautillion, Inc. (CBI)

The Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc. (CBI/CCI) is an enrichment program that provides personal development experiences and special recognition for Colorado’s premier high school students. Maintaining good grades, community involvement and integrity are an absolute necessity for CBI program participants.

The CBI/CCI youth are exposed to a variety of self-improvement sessions including topics related, but not limited, to: relationship skills,  financial management, wealth creation, etiquette, post-secondary education, job readiness, health, and nutrition. The young people build peer and professional relationships, attend multi-cultural activities and are partnered with local and national mentors.

Finally, CBI/CCI recognizes, rewards, and encourages Colorado high school students to strive for higher levels of academic and personal achievement, participated in community service and to maintain a greater sense of self confidence and pride. By surrounding CCI youth with nurturing and professional men and women, we can work together to make certain we continue the legacy of outstanding character and integrity.

Formal Presentation to Society

At the end of the academic year, the participants take part in a Formal Presentation and Gala that highlights their high school academics, community service, athletic talents and social accomplishments. The young people are formally presented to society by a group of accomplished community leaders and members. The year-end gala features a “Rites of  Passage” ceremony for the male seniors, tribute to the female seniors, along with featuring prominent individuals as the keynote speakers and presenters  who will give the honorees well wishes for a bright and prosperous future. The event culminates with an elegant reception and dance.

Formal Gala for Graduating Seniors

The formal gala consisted: dinner, individual presentation of each beau and their parents/guardian, a formal military drill by the beaus, dance with the beau and their mother or female guardian, dance with their escort, presentation of awards and or scholarships; Rites of Passage Ceremony for the beaus and their father, male guardian or significant male figure.

Program Requirements/Eligibility

• High school junior or senior that excels in the areas of academics, leadership, athletics, and community service
• Minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5*
• Complete CCI official application
• Submit two letters of recommendation
• $30 application fee: Exceptions will be made for hardship

CCI Programs

There are numerous studies that prove academic and social intervention programs double the high school graduation and make an individual’s life more productive and prosperous.  Therefore we are creating the following:

Academic Programs

Extended Learning Day
Summer Instructional Sessions
College Workshops/Tours
Career Fair
Individual Case Management
Enrichment Classes to inspire and further the love of learning

Health and Nutrition Programs

Aid/STD Awareness
Substance Abuse
Healthy Habits

Social Programs

A persistent culture of high expectations
A sense of family and fellowship
Exposure to positive role models and peers
Extracurricular activities
Parental Mentoring/Interaction

Youth Economic Develop Programs
Skills Workshops
Summer Jobs Fair

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