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About Us
Colorado Beautillion, Inc.

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc. (CBI/CCI) was established as a multi-cultural, all-inclusive program designed for high school students in the Denver Metropolitan area to provide personal development experiences and recognition.

Our Mission

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc. (CBI/CCI) is a youth mentoring program designed to impart wholesome values and equip high school juniors and seniors with vital life skills and prepare them to be successful leaders, role models and citizens.

This program was founded and is mentored by some of Colorado’s most distinguished clergy, professionals and community leaders. Our mission is to reach those hidden jewels within various communities. We seek to uncover, mentor and reward youth who have not been afforded the same opportunities as those from more affluent backgrounds and to prepare them to make significant contributions to their respective communities.

CBI/CCI exposes each participant to prominent professionals, rigorous workshops and activities that are both challenging and rewarding. These programs are meant to enhance the lives of these notable young people.

The goal of CBI/CCI is to develop the total person and help the participants to achieve their personal, academic and professional goals while making meaningful contributions to their communities.


In June 2010, through a meeting of the minds and merger of efforts, CBI/CCI was developed by a group of well established and distinguished Individuals and businesses spearheaded by ACW Marketing & Event Planning and Bouknight & Associates, along with assistance from a dedicated group of accomplished professionals. These innovative, reputable and results-oriented individuals and business entities brainstormed on ways to enhance the character, educational and social experience of young people.

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Pursuing Academic Distinction...Constructing Character...Service to Community...Journey to Adulthood.